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Making a mobile

January 25, 2017



This week one of my lovely regular customers asked me to make them a mobile. Her little boy first came to Crafty Kids hating touching anything messy. But after a few visits he soon became comfortable with letting me paint his hands and feet. So much so that he now requests his feet being painted on a weekly basis! I have turned his footprints into various vehicles, objects, animals and most recently the stars and the moon.


To make this lovely mobile you will need:

·         White paint

·         Blue paint

·         Brown paper

·         A cardboard tube

·         Wool


First we painted his hands blue and printed onto the brown paper. We did his feet white and again printed onto paper. When painting hands and foot prints I find it best to get organised with resources and of course wet wipes!  An extra pair of hands is also helpful.

When the prints had dried I cut them out, hole punched a hole in each and tied a piece of wool to every print. I used a recycled cardboard tube left over from Christmas wrapping! I then tied each print with the wool to the tube at various levels. So that the mobile can hang cut a long length of wool, around 20cm longer than your tube and tie to each end of the tube.


For extra decoration I added some homemade pompoms. A useful link to learn how to do this is - https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/making-pom-poms/

This is a lovely activity to try at home with some recycled bits and bobs! I would love to see any of your homemade mobiles so do get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you, you can contact me via Crafty Kids or send me an email.

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